Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dive Rambling ...

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I shot this from about 15 feet under the dive boat on the morning of January 10th after diving the Bluff Cut on the Cades Reef off Curtain Bluff, Antigua.

I love diving ... and taking pictures. It wasn't until recently that I put them together. I've been diving for about 10 years and really love it.

Last year, in January 2007, I went diving in the BVI around Virgin Gorda and I dove the Wreck of The Rhone.* I dove with Dive BVI - great folks, would dive with them again any time. I rented a Sea & Sea underwater digital camera ... it was fun, but ultimately unsatisfying.

Earlier this month (January), I went to Antigua with my wife and kids. Since the trip to the BVI I had been itching to try again with a better set-up. My choice of the Canon G9 as my new camera was driven by my conclusion it was a terrific camera around which to build an underwater package. I ultimately put together my own rig with the camera in a housing, with a set of arms, two strobes and a little focus light.

It worked pretty well ... I saw this mature queen parrotfish sleeping in his muccus bag at about 60 feet deep at 6:45 PM on Carpenter's Rock just outside of English Harbor, Antigua.


* The Wreck of the Rhone is an incredible wreck off Salt Island, BVI south of Tortuga ... it was a huge Royal Mail ship that had been converted into the world's first luxury cruise ship. It sunk in 1867 in a late season hurricane and took 173 lives. It is a spectacular dive site. The boat lies in two pieces, one half laid out flat on the bottom and one half that you can swim through.

This is a shot of porthole 26 - purported to be the porthole of the only surviving passenger.

Porthole 26

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