Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That said ...

I'm likely gonna buy a DSLR at some point. I've narrowed my choices down to three cameras:

Why? Because they are fast, with superb optics available and they produce clean, crisp images. Don't get me wrong - my Canon G9 is an amazing camera and I'm not talking about getting rid of it. Every time I think I've made up my mind, or someone talks me into the Nikon or the Canon ... I keep coming back to the Olympus. I had an Olympus SLR and just loved it. Leica is making lenses for the 4/3 system. I'm tempted ...

What's the hesitation? Conventional wisdom says go Nikon or Canon for a few reasons.

  1. More "glass" (lenses) out there ... to buy, both new and used and to rent
  2. Bigger sensor = Better Image Quality - particularly in low light
  3. In-body image stabilization not as good as the in-the-lens

On 1) ... seems to be plenty of lenses out there, especially now that the 4/3 system is a "standard". My old 50MM Olympus 1.8 was an awesome piece of glass and it will fit with an adapter on the E-3, as will all my old OM lenses. Also, the availability of compatible Leica lenses is very interesting but they are apparently very hard to get and out of stock everywhere.

On 2) ... the sample images I have seen look terrific, but I worry about this. One of the big reasons I would be buying an SLR would be to get a bigger sensor ... part of me thinks I'm nuts to buy the DLSR with the "small" sensor.

On 3) ... I think 99% of of time, the Olympus in-body system should be just fine.

Dunno ... will be thinking about this ... a lot ...

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