Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to JSP's Place!

I'm Jeremy Payne and welcome to my website! This is the third incarnation of something that started with a travel blog I tried to keep while away with my family in Antigua in January of 2008. That blog was hosted on Wetpixel is a incredible resource if you want to learn about underwater photography. The second incarnation was a little page I built and hosted on my home server. I use Adobe Lightroom to process my RAW files and manage my digital photo assets and it has a very handy Web Gallery exporter.

I'm a photographer who likes to scuba dive and have recently started to put the two together. If I'm lucky, this website will be full of pictures from the under the world's oceans ... in between, it will be a place for my art, my thoughts and what not.

Back in the film era, I used an Olympus OM-2S a lot.

This is an example of something shot on Kodachrome slide film in 1986, scanned on my HP flatbed scanner in 2007 and then processed in Photoshop/Lightroom.

Boy in Jerusalem, July 1986

I had to really muck with it to get rid of the noise and banding from the scan. Scanning slides is something I need to learn more about. We'll revisit the topic of scanning slides and prints at a later date ...

The first digital I got was a Nikon Coolpix 4500 that I bought in about 2000. The resolution was 4MP and shot uncompressed TIFFs - one every 12 seconds or so! I just sold that camera for $125 to

Now I have a Canon G9 - I love it. A complete shooter that fits in your pocket. Much more on that later ...

Stay tuned!

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