Sunday, February 3, 2008

Antigua Underwater Video

A little video entertainment ... this footage was shot by me in Antigua this past month, principally underwater, as both stills and video. The Canon G9 is an awesome camera to take with you scuba diving. In addition to taking great stills (particularly macro), it can shoot video at high resolution (1024x768) at a framerate of 15 fps.

The song is The Lochs of Dred by Strength in Numbers - a bluegrass "super group" from the late '80s with Sam Bush on mandolin, Jerry Douglas on dobro, Bela Fleck (banjo), Mark O'Connor (violin), and Edgar Meyer (bass). I recently saw Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and Edgar Meyer play at Zenkel Auditorium at Carnegie Hall ... they were just off the hook.

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Gioel said...

Really impressive combination of pictures and video