Monday, February 4, 2008

Show of the Week

Grateful Dead at Giants Stadium, June 16, 1991

Click the link above to hear the show.

This one is another personal favorite. The second dead show I attended was at Giants Stadium in 1987 ... but this was my favorite show of the four or five I saw there.

A couple days before the show, I had had a throat culture because I hadn't been feeling well at my childhood pediatriacian's office as I had been at home with my parents ... but then I was "on the road" and not in touch with my mom for a few days. Right before the show for some reason, she spoke with one of my oldest friends - whom I hadn't seen in a while - and he told her he was going to this show. She says, "Oh yeah? If you see Jeremy there, tell him he has strep throat!" He laughed, thinking to himself, "What are the chances of THAT!" ...

Well, one my way into the stadium right before showtime, I bumped in Brian who told me I had strep ... and we sat together and had a blast at a great summer dead show. We made sure not to share cups.

Here's some excellent video from the show:

Eyes - Part 1

Eyes - Part 2

And ... here's some "filler" ... a great Peggy-O from June 26, 1994 in Vegas. I think there's good reason this is one of the most viewed Dead performances on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Great Peggy-O! I found my phone.

Jeremy Payne said...

>> I found my phone.


>> Great Peggy-O!

Indeed ... also goes to show that regardless of what people say or want to believe, even up to the very end Jerry and the boys were able to make the magic happen.