Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Fun Rangers Pic


I saw the Rangers beat the Sabres 2-1 in a great game on January 16th. Of course I brought my camera ... hopefully soon I'll get the 2X teleconverter which would extend my reach to 420mm (35mm film equiv) - that should get me right on the ice if I'm lucky enough to sit in such great seats again.

A couple days later, I dropped my camera on the pavement while trying to put my son on my shoulders. Fortunately, Canon factory repair restored it to "like new" for about $140 ... could have been worse. I just got it back yesterday ... phew.

This was shot at ISO 800 - and then I used Adobe noise reduction to whack, well, the noise of course. I find the high ISO stuff on the G9 (400+) usually looks a lot more palatable in B&W where the final residual noise makes it look like it was shot on Tri-X film or something.

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