Saturday, April 26, 2008

Antigua Take Two

Flickr now accepts video footage. One can upload video files up to 150MB in size, however the player will only play the first 90 seconds of the clip if it exceeds that length. One can also later re-download the original file, making it an excellent archive if you can chop your library up into 150MB chunks. Only pro users can do this, but the bandwidth and storage is unlimited. Very cool.

Here's a brief video from a trip to Antigua in January. I took the footage with my Canon G9 using a "magic filter" at 1024x768 15fps ... I cut the footage using Windows Movie Maker because for some reason, Adobe Premiere Pro wouldn't import about 1/3 of my clips. I rendered the output in 720p WMV prior to uploading to Flickr. I don't have a 100% settled video production workflow ... need to think about it some more.

The soundtrack is an original composition written, played and recorded by me ... it is called "A/G Jam" and was my first ever digital recording.


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