Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
May 25, 2008 Sunday
Credit crunch puts damper on mergers, acquisitions

TOM WALKER; For the Journal-Constitution; SECTION: BUSINESS; Pg. 8C; LENGTH: 483 words

Among the major casualties of the near-freeze in credit have been the deal makers, especially those who used private equity and hedge funds to put together mergers and acquisitions. The value of all global deals declined by 24 percent in the first quarter of 2008 to $736 billion, the biggest quarterly drop in dollar value in six years, industry sources report. Some analysts believe 2008 could be even worse ...

"Certainly the overexuberant credit cycle went too far, which has put us in a bind," Jeremy Payne of Capital IQ in New York said in an interview. "It is as broken as I have ever seen it."

Season of economic uncertainty for businesses: Possible recession atop worry list in election year
By TOM WALKER For the Journal-Constitution; Published on: 05/22/08

A year ago, corporate chiefs in Georgia and elsewhere could look back on almost six years of steady economic growth and a nearly 5-year-long bull market on Wall Street. Little did they know this would end in the second half of 2007 ...

Meanwhile, economists have tried to make sense of the year-old financial crisis, which has kept market watchers in a state of anxiety.

"We will look back on this as the most challenging period since the Great Depression," said Jeremy Payne, senior vice president at Capital IQ, a Standard & Poor's company. "There was a massive credit expansion in this country that was run up since 1982. We had the most impressive bull market in financial securities the world has seen. We are at the end of that bull market."

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